Identify Triggers

Traditional treatments generally provide only a temporary relief. We assist YOU relieve  the physical symptoms as well as triggers.

What are Triggers?

It is well accepted that, along with a genetic predisposition, there are Triggers that activate the initial flare up of Psoriasis. They can be classified as Primary and Secondary triggers.

Primary Triggers activate the condition. Possible Primary triggers include:

  1. Koebner Phenomenon – Skin Injury e.g. animal bites, burns, excoriation, cold, friction, wounds, insect bites, lacerations, nail manicuring, shaving, surgical grafts, surgical incision, thumb sucking, x-rays/sunburn, tattoos (injury).
  1. Stress – anxiety, depression, psychological illnesses e.g. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  1. Certain medicines e.g.:-             
    • Anti-malarial– e.g. Doxycycline, chloroquine
    • Lithium– depression or psychiatric disorders 
    • ACE Inhibitors- High blood pressure medication 
    • Anti-inflammatory medicine – e.g. ibuprofen or Indomethacin 
    • Beta blockers – taken by patients with heart failure 
    • Corticosteroids– Prescribed for a variety of health conditions. Sudden discontinuation can be a trigger.
  1. Infections –usually affects children and young adults.

Dr. Tirant, in his research has identified a number of other triggers which he has called Secondary Triggers, that is not identified and addressed will continue to aggravate the condition. They include; Consumption of alcohol, Smoking,  Chemical exposure, Hormones, Weather and certain  foods.  

It is these Primary and Secondary Triggers, applicable to YOU that our Practitioner will identify. This will assist you in the management of your condition.